The Jewish Women's Foundation (JWF) trustees are a group of philanthropic women who are committed to transforming the lives of Jewish women and girls and fostering life-long social change, one woman at a time.  Through our generous allocation of grants, programs here in Broward County and Israel are making a real difference by providing educational opportunities, crisis relief, and advocacy.  JWF Trustees are decision-makers—analyzing needs, comparing grants, voting on grant applications and evaluating outcomes. 


•Increase public awareness of issues directly affecting the lives of Jewish women and girls.
•Advocate for social change, positive behaviors, and empowering relationships.
•Select grant programs that provide diverse resources, opportunities, and choices for Jewish women and girls.
•Seek solutions through granting recipient agencies and organizations that meet needs beyond those currently being met in Broward County and Israel.


For more information, please contact Karen Zemel, Director Jewish Women's Foundation, at 954-252-6978 or