Nesher-Broward Partnership

Nesher-Broward PartnershipCelebrating its 10th anniversary, the partnership between the residents of Nesher and Broward County, Florida, strives to foster connections through making ”People to People connections, creating a Living Bridge that will strengthen Jewish Identity among Jewish communities.”  

The joint Nesher-Broward Steering Committee has adopted the following: “We strive to build a partnership which benefits both communities, in fostering pride in our Jewish identity. We work to create meaningful, lasting bonds and opportunities for exchange between and among children, parents, students, and community leaders in both communities. We develop mutual responsibility and a feeling of peoplehood through establishing communication channels, developing educational programs, providing Jewish experiences and sharing relevant expertise. In all activities we will focus on "Mifgash," the meaningful social and Jewish encounter.’ 

Partnership Activities:

•School Twinning – 2 day schools and 6 after synagogue religious schools have partnered for joint programming and skype calls with schools in Nesher with over 300 students directly involved


•Teen Delegation – Each year, 10-12 teens from Nesher, plus their chaperones, visit Broward County for ten days, working as counselors at the David Posnack JCC and enjoying home hospitality creating bonds with hosts and campers and impacting hundreds of children. In 2015 the Nesher delegation will participate in the Posnack JCC Maccabi Games.


 •Joint Educator’s Exchanges – Teachers from Nesher visit Broward and teachers from Broward visit Nesher working with their school twinning partners to create stronger programming


•Student to Student –This year two medical and two law students from Nesher are visiting our area, attending classes at Florida Atlantic University and Nova Southeastern University respectively for one week, interacting with students here.


•Face 2 Face Broward and Nesher – This program offers a unique opportunity to volunteer in Nesher, staying in our volunteer apartment.  Volunteers from Nesher can come here and enjoy home hospitality. 


•Other Encounters – Both individuals and groups travelling to Israel often stop in Nesher for a special people to people experience.  Groups this year include the Alexander Muss High School in Israel student experience, the March of the Living as well as the October 2015 Federation mission.  


Individuals who want to visit Nesher are welcome as long as advance notice is given by contacting Pepi Dunay,