YLD Board 2016-2017

YLD Co-Chairs:
Sam Eppy* and Tamara Malvin*

Families with Young Children Chair
Lauren Alperstein*

Campaign Co-Chairs:
Todd Baker* and Michael Anidjar*

Ben Gurion Society Co-Chairs:
Mark Veszi and Jason Goldman

Mitzvah Co-Chairs:
Marnie Jackson and Josh Feinberg

Horizons Co-Chairs:
Michelle Levy* and Matt Abers

Social Co-Chairs:
Craig Eppy and Alexa Goldenberg

Outreach Chair:
Danielle Baer*

Business and Professional Co-Chairs:
David Norsoph and Daniela Gordon

Professional Chair:
Jordan Isrow*

Jewish Identity Chair
Gabe Deutsch*

Herzl League Co-Chairs:
Lindsey Glantz* and Ian Alperstein

Social Media Chair:
Jason Levine

Education Co-Chairs:
Allan Altschuler and Stephanie Matalon

Signature Event Co-Chairs:
Troy Sorel and Sierra Winston

Ambassadors Chairs:
Jessica Isrow, Noah Kahn and Jordan Cohen

Ambassadors Committee:
Jason Silver and Dan Finkelstein

*Executive Committee

For more information, please contact Sydney Gorodetsky, Director, Young Leadership and Families with Young Children, at 954-252-6886 or sgodoretsky@jewishbroward.org